Macro Region

The European Strategy for the Adriatic & Ionian Macro Regions (EUSAIR) aims to give a new vision for cooperation and investment for the benefit of selected countries. It aims to promote prosperity and growth in the Adriatic & Ionian Regions by increasing competitiveness, and economic and social well-being.
The EUSAIR includes 8 countries divided between the UE members and Extra-EU Members. These include: Croatia, Greece, Italy, Slovenia and Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia.
The project develops around some important areas of need for intervention, also defined as the “four thematic pillars”. These are summarized as:

  1. To ensure innovative growth in the marine and maritime sectors
  2. To connect the various regions
  3. To preserve, protect and improve the quality of the environment
  4. To increase regional attractiveness.

The main priorities and guide to the member countries are to implement these strategies through,

  • Research, innovation and SME development
  • Development of Skills and Capabilities

It is precisely under the fourth thematic pillar, the one dedicated to regional attractiveness, which aims in promoting a region as a single destination. This should integrate a proposal for cultural heritage, landscape and environmental aspects as well as considering the priorities of the European strategy. This will be addressed within the project ECAPITAL CULTURE– Adriatic Start-Up School – which dedicates a first step for the creation of START-UPS in the FIELD of CULTURAL TOURISM.

The sponsors and supporters of this project, fully believe that the opportunity to create new start-ups among young people, originating from the Adriatic & Ionian Macro Regions, is a perfect binomial to enhance the regions Cultural Heritage. These new business ideas, led by young skilled persons, can offer very important products and services for the development of cultural tourism and a nation’s economy.